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At Dr. Aravinda Shetty, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we are dedicated to your oral health. Not many people realize it, but oral health plays a huge part in overall health. If you neglect your dental care, not only is your oral health likely to suffer, you will also open yourself up to other health problems as well. We have put together a wide range of comprehensive dental services, so that you can enhance your oral health and lead a healthier, happier life!

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Although we offer a wide range of dental services, our focus is primarily on implant and cosmetic dentistry. We specialize in creating healthy, beautiful smiles! When you turn to us, you will see why our experience, dedication to excellence and personalized attention have prompted many patients to turn to us again and again for their dental needs.

When you want a healthy, beautiful smile, there is no better dental office to turn to in San Clemente! Whether you are turning to us to have your teeth whitened or a missing tooth replaced by a dental implant, you can rest assured that you will leave our office feeling confident and smiling bright. Are you ready to take the first step to enjoying a healthier, more beautiful smile? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!